Primary care development consultancy

Ken Hawley joined as a consultant in 2011 to continue his work in the field of primary care development.

Ken has over thirty years experience working on NHS projects, initially in the secondary care sector but for the last fifteen years in the primary care sector advising GP Practices and Primary Care Trusts on 3PD GP led development projects and strategic estates matters.

The experience gained ranges from small GP Practice of two partner GP’s to very large multi-occupier schemes incorporating up to three GP Practices, a Pharmacy, Community led Services and third sector organisations.

Typically the service provided to GP Practices includes some or all of the following:

  • Liaison between GP’s and PCT/CCG throughout a project
  • Writing the brief for the project
  • Producing a Business Case
  • Advising on Developer appointments
  • Liaising between GP’s and Developer throughout the project
  • Advising GP’s on Developer’s design and specification solutions
  • Advising GP’s on property aspects of legal agreements
  • Monitoring the design development and construction phase
  • Agreeing handover of the completed project

Compliance with NHS standards is the key to a successful project and this is also paramount at all stages of a project to protect the reimbursement of rent. We have gained considerable knowledge of the NHS standards over the many years of our involvement in Primary Care Developments.

Ken has been involved in approximately 35 GP led schemes and contacts can be provided for reference purposes if required.